The Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Center provides comprehensive information about these dangerous mesh products and the harms they can cause.

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Center

Nearly $20 million has been awarded to women hurt by vaginal mesh implants. If you are experiencing harmful side effects as a result of having received a vaginal mesh implant, you deserve compensation for your injuries. That includes your out-of-pocket costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But don’t expect the manufacturer of your mesh implant to volunteer to cover your expenses.

Learn how you can get compensation. Start by watching a case review video by clicking the link below.

You’ve probably heard about no-fee-until-you-win arrangements. It’s simple, and you’ll get it here. Only if and when you recover money to compensate you for your harm will you pay RLG. Otherwise, you pay nothing at all.

If you call for a free initial claim evaluation, you have no obligation whatsoever to hire RLG to represent you. If you do want RLG to stand up for you, we’ll send you an information package with a retainer agreement.

Every legal claim has a time limit. If you don’t sue in time, you risk losing your claim forever. You don’t want to delay. You want to be made whole again. So call RLG now to get the process started.

Unfortunately, when the clock starts—and how long it will run—isn’t always clear before it’s too late. That’s why speaking to a lawyer as soon as possible is the smart thing to do.

Vaginal Mesh Products Dangerous to Women

Since the 1970s, doctors have been using “vaginal mesh” or “surgical mesh” to support or hold in women’s pelvic organs. Performed to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP)—a condition in which a woman’s pelvic organs fall into or through her vaginal opening—and stress urinary incontinence (SUI)—a condition marked by the involuntary leakage of urine—these mesh operations originally involved the placement of the mesh product (sometimes called a “bladder sling”) through incisions in the patient’s abdomen. Read more

FDA Aware of Vaginal Mesh Problems

According to the Food and Drug Administration, in recent years, the most consistently reported complication to arise in connection with the use of surgical mesh to treat proplapse has been erosion: the mesh wears through the vaginal mucosa and exposes its rough and uncomfortable surface to the patient and her partner. Patients also report instances of mesh contraction (shrinkage). These complications are causing women to bleed, swell up, develop infections, and experience debilitating pain. Read more

See if You Qualify to Bring a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Women who have suffered devastating side effects as a result of vaginal mesh products—including theProtegen Sling, which has been recalled, and ObTape, which has been discontinued—are contacting vaginal mesh lawyers willing to file vaginal mesh lawsuits on their behalf. Read more

Vaginal Mesh Latest Updates

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